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Tuesday 15 April, 2008

Life Goes On

After reading Jyoti Sanyal's obituaries....

There is only one single moment between life and death. So often, there isn't any time for goodbye's. Whatever you've left behind is all that there is; there may never be that final moment to set things 'right'. Somewhere, sometime, I remember someone telling me... There is no certainty in life, so live every minute as if its your last. Enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest, and don't regret what you couldn't do. Take life's simple pleasures seriously - a sunrise, the breeze on a hot day, the sound of waves as they crash against rocks, the smile of a friend, the tears through which the smile slips out.... Enjoy the laughter of the ones you love, the mischief of the little fellows even when you're tired, and remember that life is beautiful.... if you only let it be. Talk to the people who matter to you, and don't be afraid to tell the people who matter, that they do. Don't ever say, 'I'll do it tomorrow", for there may not be any tomorrow. And yesterday is history, so don't hold any grudges, and look forward to every new day. And you will die a happy man, you will die a free soul....

When there is only one life (that we will remember), live it in a way that you choose... there will always be people who will appreciate you only after you are gone, there will always be those that malign you, but be the man you would want to admire, and other's will surely admire you. Don't aspire to gain their admiration, you will only fall. Live to please yourself, while being considerate of others, and you will find that the world will make space for you.

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