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चलते चलते कुछ सुनिए और कुछ सुना जाइए।

Tuesday 16 December, 2008

Lines for me

Sometimes a voice can help me through, much more than any song,
Sometimes a line will speed me on, when all else is going wrong,
Sometimes when troubled winds blow strong, when life is not worth a penny
Then I look to you for strength, as times before, they've been many.
When friends seem foes, when each face seems strange
When all my thoughts every day I must rearrange,
It's then I think of words you said from where much hope I've drawn
It's then I remember each new day that my life it is not forlorn.
"You are strong, you can fight."
The sky is blue, the clouds are white
When I search I know the day is bright.
My mind seems clouded and confused
I see things as if they are diffused.
I know there is a waiting light
I know it is merely out of sight
I must have faith in my own self
Or else, me, I cannot help.
I must not think that all is lost, I must not feel "I cannot",
I must do things I know I must, it's only time that I have bought.
I will work well because I know I can, not because it will make me a man
I think I'm worth it so I'll prove it well, not that otherwise I give a damn.
My life is mine, for me to lead
I am my source of energy
I am the sun, the ocean waves
I will not be anybody's slave.
I do not need to anybody prove
what I am made of, that is my own groove
I will strive to better my own self
to be there when others need my help.

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