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चलते चलते कुछ सुनिए और कुछ सुना जाइए।

Tuesday, 16 December, 2008

Lines for me

Sometimes a voice can help me through, much more than any song,
Sometimes a line will speed me on, when all else is going wrong,
Sometimes when troubled winds blow strong, when life is not worth a penny
Then I look to you for strength, as times before, they've been many.
When friends seem foes, when each face seems strange
When all my thoughts every day I must rearrange,
It's then I think of words you said from where much hope I've drawn
It's then I remember each new day that my life it is not forlorn.
"You are strong, you can fight."
The sky is blue, the clouds are white
When I search I know the day is bright.
My mind seems clouded and confused
I see things as if they are diffused.
I know there is a waiting light
I know it is merely out of sight
I must have faith in my own self
Or else, me, I cannot help.
I must not think that all is lost, I must not feel "I cannot",
I must do things I know I must, it's only time that I have bought.
I will work well because I know I can, not because it will make me a man
I think I'm worth it so I'll prove it well, not that otherwise I give a damn.
My life is mine, for me to lead
I am my source of energy
I am the sun, the ocean waves
I will not be anybody's slave.
I do not need to anybody prove
what I am made of, that is my own groove
I will strive to better my own self
to be there when others need my help.

Tuesday, 9 December, 2008

Troubled Times

When the going gets tough, they say that HE tests people who are strong.

“And may be you are very strong.” I didn’t know how to react, so I just accepted.

It’s been two weeks and I am still in a rut. I am losing my calm nature, did weird things, moped around feeling kind of bummed out, complained a little (which is more than usual since I rarely complains), didn't call home or family, didn't post on my blog and finally lost sight of the big picture and the importance of things. It pretty much sucked, but the good news is, it will get over some day!

Today I woke up and realized that there are only 21 days left for the next year and that's not too shabby. I still have some important work to do here and I've done great wok so far, so I'm happy (contrary to other people’s thought). And it's ok that I was in a little rut, everyone goes through them here, and if 20 days of de-motivation is it for me, I'll take it. However, it shall not continue…Today when I walked into the office something was different. Music was playing on VH1. I love music, pretty much all kinds but a particular song was playing that is also one of my mom and my favourite songs. "When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going" by Billy Ocean. It brought back such a great memory of when I was a kid and my mom and my friend Viru’s mom, took me, Viru, his sister and my sister to the movies one afternoon by the Chowkabha hall (if memory serves) to see one of my favourite movies, "Anand". I first heard this song in his jeep and mum explained it to me.

I guess just passing the unknown or known roads, working hard and going to the gym (only once) just isn't cutting it anymore, you need to think of creative ways to keep your mind active (Sana - I'm still reading your book). So for me that means that I'll listen to a stupid Billy Ocean song once in a while, or think of silly 80s trivia (if you guys know any obscure 80s songs, lemme know), or my personal favourites, sometimes late at night, when I'm the last one to sleep. I'll stay outside in the dark for 10 minutes blasting my phone and dancing to myself.