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Friday, 10 July, 2009

For me

I know you're mad at me, It's ok. I don't know if you realise anger comes with love, joy with fear, upsets with caring and that love and hate are but two sides of the same coin. For me, every day is a roller coaster of despair and managing. Elation in between is rare. Contentment is the best solution, and I get there occasionally, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Within the same day, I can despair coz of you and feel very content too. Sometimes it is difficult to control either emotion, though I try very hard with both. However, I am like this, on an emotionally roller coaster ride most days. What is difficult about me is to remember that once the emotion is expressed, either in writing or it is said, it is over with. I am fairly like an open book with no malice. I realise it is difficut to deal with, which is why I ask you to forget me, when I do.

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Namitha said...

It's ok Vicky... you'll move on. Like everyone else. Be contented, be strong. Take every day as it comes...