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Monday, 3 August, 2009

There was a friend

There are times when tomorrow is just a wee bit too late,It's today, my heart is in this abominable state.

There are times when tomorrow just cannot dry,The millions of tears on your shoulders I would cry.

There are times when your presence would have made my world seem all right,But I need it today, to bring me a new insight.

When my heart is weary and my soul seems sad,and you say "you took me for granted", I feel so bad.

Every time that you've called, be it night or in day,I've lent you my shoulder, I've shown you a way.

I've stood by your side through the thick and the thin,I wonder if I did wrong, committed a sin?

Sometimes I think its your way of saying "Move on,My need for you, seems now to have gone."

I know you must your horizons grow,I know the world to you, has a lot to show.

May you find fresh promise with each new tomorrow,For me, my yesterday was full of sorrow.

I needed you then, as you've many times needed meI'm learning, though slowly, things aren't what they seem to be.

I wonder how many tomorrows our friendship will weatherI know I'm close to the end of my tether.

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